Product description

Headlamp Clip Set LXA104

  • Clips for easy attachment of headlamps to different helmet shapes
  • 3 sizes (4 pcs ea) for different kinds of helmets:
    Size 1: for thin-walled helmets and caps
    Size 2: for helmets with an L-shaped edge
    Size 3: for thick-walled helmets
  • Curved bracket to fit optimally to the helmet surface
  • Embossed notches and bulges for maximum elasticity and additional grip on the helmet
  • Double-sided bracket for different head straps
  • Curved brackets for securely mounting the head strap
  • Bigger outer bracket to hold the cable for headlamps with rear light
  • Easy attachment and quick release of the head strap
  • High-quality, very robust nylon material
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